One foxy fern

Two years ago, on a whim, I bought a fern. The unique look caught my attention and has quickly become one of my favorites. The foxtail fern is a fun plant. The bushy stems shot straight up, and it’s hard to resist touching the full yet airy leaves that resemble the fullness of an animal’s […]

Night blooming cereus puts on a short, but sizzling show

If this were showbiz, the marquee would read, “Appearing for one night only.” You would call your friends, make plans, wait in line, and take pictures, right? Well, that is exactly what needs to happen when the night-blooming cereus takes the stage. These tropical plants produce white or very pale-colored flowers – once a year. […]

When together is better in the garden

A little luck and a whole lot of hard work have produced award-winning results in this front garden. Knowing the traits and needs of individual plants is important – very important – but the knack or skill of taking that knowledge and combining plants to create beauty is what good design is all about. One […]

Lavender Haze

What do you do with 50 acres of reclaimed coal fields? Well, if you are Appalachian Botanical Company, you grow lavender.  What started as a conversation in 2016 has become a thriving business in Boone County with a mission of building a profitable botanical enterprise that puts West Virginians and reclaimed coal mine land back […]

Attracting hummingbirds to your garden

I find small gardens magical. With limited space, gardeners are creative and playful with their choices. They also tend to care for them to the point of perfection. I spent time in a garden this week that glowed.  With a reflecting pool and Mark Blumenstein art as a spout, the water sound babbling was the […]

Leaves of three, let them be

Whoever said good things come in threes never met poison ivy. Those shiny leaflets grouped in threes along a stem are anything but good. To be honest, the plant’s evil powers don’t come from the leaf but from the oil and urushiol they produce.  Learning to identify poison ivy is important. Changing its identity is […]

A Wooded Storybook Garden

Charming. Storybook. Cottage.All words that describe a garden I had the pleasure of visiting last week. From the very moment I approached the property, I knew it was special.Pulling into the drive, I smiled at the shaker style cottage with teal accents. I was quickly greeted by the owners, who were as welcoming as their […]

Mean girls and bullies in the garden

Do you remember the movie “Mean Girls”? The characters were popular and pretty but not so nice. Let’s be honest – we all know a few mean girls. It happens in high school, in adulthood, and in the garden.Yes, plants can be bullies too.Of course, there are aggressive and invasive vines and shrubs that will […]

Drought tolerant plants

It may be raining as I type, but I know summer’s hot, dry days are coming. That can mean watering the garden every night or planning ahead and making the garden drought tolerant. Drought tolerant or water-wise planting does not have to be all cactus and tumbleweed. Smart choices can be made to create a […]

Red, white, and bloom – create a 4th of July planter

I want to create an impromptu planter for the Fourth of July. Oh, I know, I should have done this weeks ago, but I didn’t. So, it’s red geraniums to the rescue. Most everyone knows I love geraniums, and I plant them every year, but recently I have been on a pink kick, so I […]