Petite space, grand style

Be forewarned: I think nothing of making traffic slow down so I can get a better look at an interesting garden. My bumper sticker should read, “I brake for gardens.” That is exactly what happened one Saturday afternoon. I saw a pergola. It stood strong and mighty between two interesting evergreen trees, and I was […]

What to do after snow and ice in the garden

My house is warm, and I’m cozy, thanks to the fireplace, hot tea and my new, fuzzy slippers. It’s February, and I am grateful for the warmth because outside, it looks like a cold, winter wonderland. A fresh coat of snow makes any view beautiful, but a coat of ice can take it from beautiful […]

No light? No problem! Pick plants that seek the shade

No windows? No problem! Not every plant needs a corner window and hours of natural sunlight to grow. There is a long list of plants that will survive and thrive in low, natural light office environments. House plants have the advantage of being moved from room to room the perfect spot is found. Office plants […]

Good to Grow: Being introduced to Alma Lee

Along the river bank in Malden surrounded by salt, coal and history sits the Alma Lee. She is a true southerner with wide porches and welcoming spots to rest and take in the water views. Greeted by a kind host and a cottage garden bursting with sweat peas, black-eyed Susans, hydrangeas, and an ice cream […]

Good to Grow: How to go picture-perfect hydrangeas

This week as I pondered ideas to write about, three friends on three separate occasions sent me pictures of hydrangeas from their gardens and gardens they pass in their travels around town. It seems like the universe, or at least good friends, were pointing me in the direction of this native Asian plant and its […]

Good to Grow: No garden tours, no problem

My summer is usually filled with anticipation of garden tours and visits to historical homes, but not this year — and I am disappointed. I love the sneak peek into backyards and side gardens, learning something from each and every one. This past weekend, I grabbed a friend and we did drive-by garden tours. You […]

Good to Grow: Growing purple hyacinth beans for the vine

I don’t remember the first time I saw a purple hyacinth bean vine, but I can remember thinking it was a fabulous vine and one I wanted to grow in my garden. I began by finding a trio of bamboo trellis pyramids and placing them in a sunny spot within my garden beds. I knew […]

Zinnias are just what we need this summer

I double-dog dare you not to smile when you see a patch of zinnias. They are irresistibly bright and cheerful. Seriously, flowers that are colorful and easy to grow — that makes me smile. Let’s start at the beginning. Zinnias grow quickly from seed, so there is no need to start them in trays prior […]

Good to Grow: The right tools for the job

Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference. That’s true for art class, home repairs and gardening. Just like when you build your collection of the perfect knives and pans for cooking Sunday dinner, you want to think about building your gardening tool arsenal. For me, that starts with my three favorites, […]

Think Outside the Box with a Movable Garden

As we are learning to keep our distance yet craving to visit others, I have noticed my gathering spaces are changing. No more dinners on my cozy back porch or parties in the house. Now we are causally gathering in the front yard, the side yard — or even in the driveway. Yes, the driveway. […]