Cool your garden down with water features

Summer and water just go together. The ocean, a lake, or a creek — something about being near the water is peaceful. You may be lucky enough to have a swimming pool or fishing pond on your property, but that is not an option for most of us. Still, there are ways to bring water […]

Charleston’s unexpected gardens

It all started one afternoon when I met a young man planting a garden in the most unlikely place. Through the alley, behind the parking lot, and between two buildings — there he was planting hostas and gladiolas bulbs. After striking up a conversation, he mentioned living downtown and loving to garden. He had found […]

Build bright gardens to attract butterflies

When I was little my grandfather would say that if a butterfly landed on your arm, you would get a new dress that color. I’m not sure if that was to make me happy or make my mom crazy, but either way, I still love to look for butterflies. As a gardener, you want all […]

Clematis and other climbers

Gardens are most interesting to me when my eye travels. It is exciting to look down, across, and up; to see gardening happening at different heights. Climbing plants are an easy way to add vertical blooms to your designs. Clematis is a popular choice for adding height. The vines are often seen climbing lampposts or […]

Celebrating WV’s wild and wonderful natural wonders

Happy birthday, West Virginia! You have aged, but your mountains and meadows are filled with wonder. It’s no surprise that the black bear was chosen to be the state animal by popular vote and officially adopted by the Legislature in 1973. They roam our hills and even our neighborhoods. It wasn’t that long ago that […]

Welcome to the WV Botanic Garden

One Friday morning, I played hooky from work, jumped in a friend’s car, and set off on an adventure. We headed to the West Virginia Botanic Garden at Tibbs Run Preserve in Morgantown. We (when I say we, I really mean not me) packed a cooler with snacks and water, even a little chocolate, and […]

These bee houses are all the buzz

In my garden and in this written space, I encourage growing plants that will attract pollinators. Birds, bees and butterflies, to name a few. It is good for the environment and good for the garden. Let’s take it a step farther and talk about bee houses. What I mean are intentional structures for bees, kind […]

Let’s talk about mulch

Mulch has been the topic of the week. It seems everyone I know is mulching. I’m even doing a bit of mulching at the little house on a big hill. For me, it is the quickest and easy way to bring instant curb appeal to your garden. Not only does it tidy up the landscape, […]

Big and beautiful, dahlias can dazzle

Here’s an idea: Don’t make mom clean the dinner plates; help her fill the garden with dinner plate-sized flowers instead. What? Did you know dahlias can have blooms the size of dinner plates? There are many varieties of dahlias with blooms ranging from small, 2-inch pom-poms to dinner-plate flowers that are often 15 inches across. […]