Winter Damage to the Garden

Here we are – the end of January with several weeks of winter yet to come. That means several weeks of potential winter damage to the garden. Oh, the normal up and down of temperatures can be endured by most plants if they are in the proper USDA Zone (Zone 6a and 6b for most […]

Creating winter interest in the garden

After last year’s snowy winter and the blah days that followed, I made the decision to work towards giving my garden more winter interest. It is an ongoing project, but I have made good progress. The basics were in place.  I have fencing and a mature tree that provide structure and framing.   I have […]

Hard working plants that clean the air

As we begin the new year, everywhere I look, there is a reminder that I need to cleanse, declutter, and meditate. These are all good ideas, but come on- I’m a gardener who likes her stuff. Before throwing in the towel and beginning to meditate, I remembered I love plants. Plants are good, especially the […]

The Christmas Gnome

As I pulled into the driveway, the tall box on the porch caught my eye. I wasn’t expecting a delivery, so this was a pleasant surprise. And what a surprise it was – a Christmas Gnome. I giggled with delight. And continue to smile every time I see his hat, nose, and mittens. What a […]

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum -how lovely are thy branches

There is something about a Christmas tree. That magical glow from the lights, the reflection of shiny trinkets, the smiles, the smells – it all makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. A decorated tree creates childlike wonder, but raising and grooming those beautiful trees is a year-round job. To learn more about the tree’s […]

Gifts gardeners will love

Through my travels to shops and art fairs this fall, I have collected ideas for holiday gifts. After all, that is what good elves do. Here are a few of my favorites for the gardeners on your list. Let’s start with mushrooms. They seem to be everywhere. Stan Cook and Mestari Designs have some of […]

Edible ornaments for our outside friends

As I wandered around the tree lot last year looking for my tree, I saw many friends, but it was a conversation with Betsy and her daughter that has stuck with me all year.  This dynamic mother-daughter duo was searching for a misfit tree to add to their outside seating area. Get this: it was […]

Three sisters of the garden

As we begin the holiday season, spending time with family is at the top of everyone’s list. Whether they live next door, across town, or on a different coast, family and the holidays go together. Families come in all forms – those we are given and those we choose because they make us a better […]

One of my favorite garden tools

In my garden shed, you will find several different-sized brooms, dustpans, shovels, rakes, and hoes. Yes, hoes.  Of all the garden tools in my collection, rakes and hoes get the most attention. You might wonder what there is to say about hoes, but there are different types used for different garden tasks, and I have […]

Plant now for a springtime bouquet

Have you planted your spring bulbs yet? Me neither? We need to get busy Late October is the ideal time, but early November will do.  The goal is to get the bulbs in the ground before the ground freezes and give the bulbs twelve weeks of cool temperatures before sprouting in the springtime. Some of […]