There are 4 o’clocks somewhere

When the clock strikes 4 pm, these beauties are just getting ready for their show. That’s right – four o’clocks are nocturnal flowers that bloom through the evening and begin to fade in the morning light. For these ladies of the night, it’s all about the temperature. When the day cools down, they heat up […]

A pot of gold – marigolds that is

Marigolds get a bad rap. They are often a reluctant last-minute addition to the garden or considered too common to be attractive.Here is a secret experienced gardeners know – adding marigolds to your garden is a smart move. These golden blooms have value and can be a wise addition to garden beds and containers. Marigolds […]

Greenbrier Historical Society spotlights the Muddy Creek Valley with June tour

“Home Among the Hills,” the 2023 Home Tour sponsored by the Greenbrier Historical Society, will happen on Saturday, June 10, 2023. Lucky me – I was offered a sneak peek of the sites and history that would be shared during the tour. So much history! This year’s sites are located in Muddy Creek Valley of […]

Mother’s Day- plant a memory

Still need a gift for mom? Why not start a garden? Don’t run away – I am not suggesting an acre plot. This garden could be as simple as a container or two. Easy for you to plant and easy for her to care for as it grows. Be creative. If she likes color and […]

Lipstick Gardens

What’s red and pink and orange all over? A lipstick garden, of course. Gardens filled with reds, pinks, and corals are bright and beautiful – and just like lipstick on a beautiful woman, they can give the landscape a certain zing. There are really no rules here. Pick your favorite shades and build your garden […]

The big chill and the damage it caused

One month into the spring season and winter damage is becoming evident. When I think about the winter of 2022/23, overall, it was mild – except for that frigid week in late December. Remember that one when the Kanawha Valley temperatures barely reached zero?  That’s the week I am blaming for much of the damage […]

April is Native Plant Month

A native plant is one that has evolved through thousands of years in a specific geographic region alongside local flora and fauna without direct or indirect human intervention. Native plants include a large canopy of trees, understory trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, or grasses.  Governor Justice has designated April 2023 as West Virginia Native Plant Month. […]

West Virginia Arbor Day

“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.” – Thomas Fuller If you love trees –  and who doesn’t – April is your month. The second Friday of the month, April 14, 2023, is West Virginia Arbor Day. It all began with a newspaper editor, J. Sterling Morton, living in Nebraska in the 1800s. He […]

Gardens can be a symphony of sounds

The strong winds of the past few weeks have made my nights restless. Even during the days, there is no escaping the sound of the strong gusts barreling through the trees. The howling winds show nature’s force and remind us the gardens and landscaping we so carefully tend are subject to Mother Nature’s mood. But […]

Four Winters of Spring

Now that it is Spring – let’s talk about winter. Seriously, small mini-winters happen after the official start of spring. Oh, these winters are not what the meteorologist talks about, and they are not marked on our hallmark calendars. These are the winters, appearing and disappearing quickly, used by generations of farmers and growers long […]