A garden with a front seat to our nation’s history

Independence Day is a movie, a day off, a reason to fire up the grill, and most importantly, a day to celebrate our nation’s independence.  The Declaration of Independence was signed in July 1776, declaring the “United Colonies of North America” free and independent states.  The White House has been home to every president since […]

Cleomes – nothing itsy bitsy about this spider flower

When it comes to plant knowledge and particularly plant identification, my friends D and W are the best. They know their stuff. So imagine my surprise when one day at the WV State Fair Exhibition Garden, a man asked how they grew such lovely Cat Whiskers, and they didn’t have an answer. With a few […]


Help! My plant’s leaves are curling, and they look black underneath. What is happening? Sounds like aphids. Curling leaves, yellow leaves, and black underneath the leaves are all classic signs of an aphid infestation. Don’t panic. This infestation can easily be controlled. Aphids are tiny soft-bodied insect that feeds on plant juice. They are so […]

Macho. Macho Fern

Big, beautiful, and fabulous – these three words describe the Macho Fern. This fern stands out because of its size. A mature fern can be six feet wide and four feet tall. That is big!  Much of the size comes from the fronds, which reach four feet long. The leaflets, a lovely deep green color, […]

Vinca plays a major and minor role in garden design

Periwinkle is more than a paint chip or crayon color. The paint and crayon get their name from the bloom color of Vinca minor. The small flower in that glorious shade of blueish-purple appears in the spring. The blooms are a bonus from this workhorse groundcover. Vinca minor is an evergreen perennial vine that will […]

Greenbrier Valley House & Garden Tour

Hop on the bus, Gus. Make a new plan, Stan – the Greenbrier Valley House & Garden Tour is back. Mark your calendar for June 11, 2022, 10 am – 4pm. This is one of my favorite days in one of my favorite towns. Eleven properties will be open for touring in Whites Sulphur Springs […]

Flowerpot exchange is happening

I love it when a plan comes together.   That is just what happened last July when my friend Lisa mentioned the idea of a flower pot rescue in Charleston. Yes, that’s right, a flowerpot rescue. Bet you are wondering what the heck is a flower pot rescue. Well, it is a fabulous idea, and I […]

Feeling fancy and creating a potager garden

Maybe it’s because I watched a movie set in Paris, maybe it’s because I ate French fries for lunch on Friday-whatever the reason I’m feeling the love for all things French. So why not a French-inspired vegetable garden? A potager garden. I have always referred to my raised beds and herb garden as a kitchen […]

Rock gardens have a rocky history with this gardener

I have nurtured a rock garden on a sunny slope near my back door for the past three years. It was beginning to fill in and become something that reflected the effort I had applied. That was then. Before broken pipes, before busted concrete, before removed decking boards, and before plumbers, not gardeners, dug into […]

Crop Rotation-good for the soil and good for the plants

I’m a creature of habit. I wake up at the same time every day, have the same breakfast, and sit in the same spot to read. Some would call this dull – I call it comforting. Because I like routines in my life, I must remind myself of the importance of crop rotation every spring. […]