Indian Bean Tree

There is nothing like walking through a new neighborhood. The houses, the landscapes, and the vibe each neighborhood brings are always fun to discover. I hit the jackpot this weekend. While visiting with a friend, we took her princess out for a stroll. I love my pup, but her black German Shepherd is the most […]

Girdling tree roots

Girdles and girdling. When I heard these words on Saturday, I had flashbacks to long lost lady’s lingerie, so imagine my surprise when I realized we were talking about trees, not fashion undergarments. Girdling was a new term for me, and learning about girdling roots came with a sad story. One of my favorite trees […]

West Virginia State Fair offers something for everyone

You know the drill: company is coming, so you are sweeping, dusting, and fluffing pillows to make the house look good. Imagine if you were expecting hundreds – no thousands of people to stop by and visit. That is just what is happening this week at the State Fairgrounds. They are adding the “spit & […]

Greenbrier Valley House & Garden Tour

Hop on the bus, Gus. Make a new plan, Stan – the Greenbrier Valley House & Garden Tour is back. Mark your calendar for June 11, 2022, 10 am – 4pm. This is one of my favorite days in one of my favorite towns. Eleven properties will be open for touring in Whites Sulphur Springs […]

Flowerpot exchange is happening

I love it when a plan comes together.   That is just what happened last July when my friend Lisa mentioned the idea of a flower pot rescue in Charleston. Yes, that’s right, a flowerpot rescue. Bet you are wondering what the heck is a flower pot rescue. Well, it is a fabulous idea, and I […]

Feeling fancy and creating a potager garden

Maybe it’s because I watched a movie set in Paris, maybe it’s because I ate French fries for lunch on Friday-whatever the reason I’m feeling the love for all things French. So why not a French-inspired vegetable garden? A potager garden. I have always referred to my raised beds and herb garden as a kitchen […]

Rock gardens have a rocky history with this gardener

I have nurtured a rock garden on a sunny slope near my back door for the past three years. It was beginning to fill in and become something that reflected the effort I had applied. That was then. Before broken pipes, before busted concrete, before removed decking boards, and before plumbers, not gardeners, dug into […]

Crop Rotation-good for the soil and good for the plants

I’m a creature of habit. I wake up at the same time every day, have the same breakfast, and sit in the same spot to read. Some would call this dull – I call it comforting. Because I like routines in my life, I must remind myself of the importance of crop rotation every spring. […]

Spider plants and devil’s ivy have scary names, but easy to grow

The itsy bitsy spider grew down the windowsill. Pardon me, as I take liberties with the nursery rhyme words, but know that I did the finger climb and used a singsong voice as I was writing. I am thinking of spiders, specifically spider plants. I am not the only one; spider plants are among the […]

Fall window box displays

With a flip of the calendar and a dip of the temps — it’s October. Bring on the pumpkins and chrysanthemums. I’m ready! Keeping an open mind, I wandered through rows of plants waiting to be inspired. Then there it was screaming autumn: deep red Dragon’s Breath Celosia. This would be the thriller in my […]