Welcome to the WV Botanic Garden

One Friday morning, I played hooky from work, jumped in a friend’s car, and set off on an adventure. We headed to the West Virginia Botanic Garden at Tibbs Run Preserve in Morgantown. We (when I say we, I really mean not me) packed a cooler with snacks and water, even a little chocolate, and […]

Let’s talk about mulch

Mulch has been the topic of the week. It seems everyone I know is mulching. I’m even doing a bit of mulching at the little house on a big hill. For me, it is the quickest and easy way to bring instant curb appeal to your garden. Not only does it tidy up the landscape, […]

Welcome Spring with a Renewed Flower Bed

What a difference a year can make. As we celebrate the first day of spring, with new plants emerging from their winter hibernation, we also celebrate the possibilities of us emerging from our homes slowly and cautiously, having small gatherings with friends and family. Much like the perennials who retreated into the ground for winter, […]

Oh, deer. What have you done?

Rarely do I have a garden conversation that doesn’t include deer. Living in West Virginia means living among wildlife and, most often, herds of deer. As I type, three does are sauntering and nibbling their way through the back; they will settle under the thicket of branches in the same spot that generations of their […]

Hitching a horse to a tree and other garden lessons from 100 years ago

As February ends and before the garden chores of March begin, I am taking a break. I have gathered a few books and settled into my spot. Several years ago, I received a 1910 first edition of the “Manual of Gardening” by L. H. Bailey. Although this book is well over 100 years old, instead […]

Seeds to plants — let’s start at the beginning

After a career in retail, I get it: Stores can rush the seasons. I agree that it can feel wrong. This week, Valentine’s Day and even Easter have started creeping into displays, but this time that is OK, because you know what else is starting to appear? Seed packets. Yes! After a winter break to […]

A Tropical State of Mind

As the holidays wind down and we enter into a new year, many folks look forward to heading south for the winter. This winter’s travel plans may have changed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a bit of the tropics to wherever you are spending time. Fresh squeezed orange juice is nice, but it […]

No light? No problem! Pick plants that seek the shade

No windows? No problem! Not every plant needs a corner window and hours of natural sunlight to grow. There is a long list of plants that will survive and thrive in low, natural light office environments. House plants have the advantage of being moved from room to room the perfect spot is found. Office plants […]

A Remembrance of an Old Friend and His Lovely Garden

In a small courtyard with a white, wrought-iron settee, an intimate group of family and friends gathered to say goodbye. Through thoughtful prayers, tears, and a eulogy delivered with wit and love, I realized this was the perfect way to honor a life well-lived. Against the church wall was a simple border of tea roses, […]

High school is like a garden

Last night, I attended my high school reunion. It was not the festive party with hugs and handshakes for which we had all hoped. This year, we met online. Nevertheless, as old friends do, we shared stories and laughter and toasted to those we missed, all through a video screen. Early this morning as I […]